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The Benton House of Woodstock would like to extend a huge thank you to ATLANTA THEATRE TO GO on the awesome show they put on for our residents!! The residents and staff loved it!! We can't wait to have you all back again!

-Deborah Sepulveda, Benton House of Woodstock

Good morning ATTG and ASCNN! I want to thank each of you for the roles that you played (no pun intended😊) to make that wonderful performance happen at Sadie G. Mays yesterday.  Our residents thoroughly enjoyed it.  One resident, Clyde Hudson, told me "I enjoyed it!  I say we bring them back!"  I agree, Mr. Hudson, we should and we will.

-Shirley Coleman, Director of Marketing & Development, Sadie G. Mays

Last Night we had our Atlanta Theatre-to-Go participants theatre show! Our resident Actor and Actresses did such a wonderful job of the play Misconceptions. Here are some pictures and there will be a video clip to come!

-Decatur Christian Towers

Thank you so much for coming to Cottonwood. The residents continued to talk about how much they enjoyed the performance after you all left. I will be sure to keep you all in mind as I continue to plan future entertainment.

 - Kristin Smith, Activity Coordinator, Cottonwood Estates of Alpharetta

Thank you to The Atlanta Theatre-to-go for a great performance of "The Golden Wanderers!" We loved it!! 

-Sterling Estates of West Cobb

I remember vividly the first play Atlanta Theatre-To-Go performed at Delmar Gardens. Our residents were swept up in the story and enjoyed meeting the actors after the show. A group of residents sat together and discussed the play. When I left for the evening, they were still there – eight women sitting and talking about the play and the concept of bringing live theatre to them. That did it! Ever since then I have booked every one of their performances!

 - Sandi Armstrong, Activity Director, Delmar Gardens of Gwinnett

Being an ensemble member of Atlanta Theatre-To-Go has been a very rewarding experience. Not only does it allow me the opportunity to practice my skills as an actor, it also gives me a chance to bring joy to people who may be living with little joy.

- Greta Glenn, professional actor

I signed up to be a volunteer actor because it sounded like a lot of fun. It was! Being at the Regency House and doing the play boosted my self-confidence. When I first started performing, I had a lot of self-doubt. But when you do it, and find you can do it, you say, “Piece of cake! Nothing scary about it.” We, as humans, can do much more than we think we can.

- Rose Cappiello, volunteer actor in Participants Theatre

The plays this afternoon were a great lift on a gloomy day!  Good choices which did, indeed, fit together well.  Your actors are excellent and made the material believable as well as entertaining.  As I assisted people back to 2nd floor I heard numerous positive comments from people about how much they enjoyed attending.

 - Anne Haltiwanger, audience member, Canterbury Court