Theater Taps into Our Humanity

Humans learn from and imitate each other naturally. Watching others laugh, love, fight, and resolve conflict promotes a connection amongst people and causes us to examine our own personal relationships. People learn something about themselves from any live theater experience. Watching the characters navigate different emotions and situations often provides a roadmap to complex emotions. Atlanta Theatre-To-Go promotes senior health by stoking their memory with emotions and stories they may relate to from their past.

Now booking a Hallmark-like holiday musical:
Bread & Butter



Cory Anderson HS 3 (2).JPG
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Alec HS (2).png
Jake Weissman HS (2).JPG

Cory Anderson
as Miss Meachum

Jake Weissman
as Charlie Cowan

Alec Scheller
as Karl

Brittney McClendon
as Kris

Bread & Butter is based on the O Henry Tales and is set in a bakery in the early 1900's.  It is the story of Miss Martha Meachum and her crush on a very distinguished gentleman, her encounter with a homeless person and love that enters her life in a very surprising way.

Written by and musical score by: Steven D. Miller
Directed by: David Rucker III
Music Coach and Choreographer: Lois Koepke

Booking NOW for October - December 2021.

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Atlanta Theatre-To-Go brings professional actors to your group or facility to create a joyful experience through dramatic performances and interconnected relationships with the audience.

As a non-profit theatrical touring company, our ensemble consists of professional playwrights, actors, directors, musicians, choreographers and designers of   all ages. We average 55+ performances a year in venues ranging from simple community rooms to beautiful theaters.


Our mission is to enrich the lives of  seniors where they live and gather.  Every person in our ensemble has a passion for our mission.  We strive to bring JOY to every single audience member.


 Our one hour performances are ideal for:


Senior Adult Communities

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Senior Centers

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Civic and Fraternal Organizations

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