Atlanta Theatre-To-Go announces its first script competition for playwrights to showcase their work and have a chance to see their play produced on a professional level for mature/senior audiences. A panel of local directors, actors, and designers will review all submitted scripts and select three to four plays/musicals to produce in 2021 The playwright(s) of each play will be invited to take part in the audition process and first read. Along with these full productions, the winning works will each be awarded a prize of $125. They will also receive a special “Meet The Playwright” opportunity at one of the performances.  




  1. The submission must be written in the English Language.

  2. The submission must be an original, 45-55-minute play or musical that is unpublished OR the submission must be an original compilation of complimentary plays that could be performed together based on a theme.For example, a theme of “Make Yourself Uncomfortable” may have 3 different plays of different characters playing different uncomfortable situations that add up to a 45-55-minute performance.

  3. All characters must be able to be played by adults 18 years of age or older.

  4. Scripts must be appropriate for a mature/senior audience (55 – 95 years of age).  CAUTION: Plays about dying, loneliness and being old generally do not play well for our mature/senior audience.  Plays that are heartwarming or funny or upbeat or poignant with a positive ending are desired.

  5. The submission must begin with a title page that includes the work’s name and the playwright’s name, address, telephone number, and email. Also, include a character list and scene breakdown if applicable. NOTE* If submitting a musical please, include a score and demo.

  6. The manuscript must be easy to read. It must be typed in no less that 12-point type and page numbered.

  7. The cast for the play or musical must be between 2 and 5.

  8. The script may have more than one author.

  9. There will be no revisions accepted once a script has been submitted to the contest judging panel.

  10. There will be no written or oral critique given on scripts submitted.

  11. We will notify the playwrights whose plays have been selected and will announce it to the public on our website and in social media.

  12. Please submit the manuscript on our website, under “Mainstage Theatre”. 

  13. In order to qualify for the 2020 – 2021 competition, the script must be submitted by August 30, 2020.

  • Please do not send a hard copy manuscript.


  • Please include a brief biography.



We realize this may be a new audience for you to write for.  As such, some examples of plays we have produced are:

When Harry Hated Sally a very funny comedy about two TV station personalities having to fill-in for a children’s show who use Jack and the Beanstalk to get their political differences out to the audience.

The Pharmacy is a funny take on going to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription from a not-so-discreet pharmacist who is doling out medication for glaucoma, constipation and social anxiety.

Final Rendezvous is a poignant, heartwarming story about a WWII American veteran who takes his daughter and granddaughter to Europe to see the military cemeteries.  A French captain is assigned to escort them, and he comes to realize the American vet saved his grandmother.

RSVP is a musical comedy about an ex, a horse and a wedding.  The bride rents a groom to make her ex jealous, but the ex is married.  The bride’s mother is a loud, obnoxious person who hates her ex son-in-law and is dealing with all of this by drinking a lot of prosecco.

Bread & Butter is a classic early 1900’s “hallmark” story based on the O Henry Tales and adapted into a musical about a bakery owner who has a crush on a man who comes to her shop everyday and the homeless street-corner singer who is looking for her long lost brother.


Other themes that play well for our mature/senior audiences are:

  • Senior empowerment

  • Grandparent/Adult grandchild

  • Weddings

  • Whodunnit

  • Adult/Senior dating

We prefer full-length one-act plays that are between 45-55 minutes in length.  However, a compilation of plays with a theme work well too.  No more than 3 short plays and all are performed by the same cast.  Some themes that have worked well:

  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love (One 20-minute play and one 25-minute musical.)

  • I’ll Stand By You  (Two plays approximately 25 minutes each.)

  • Make Yourself Uncomfortable  (Three plays: 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 20 minutes)

  • One Bite At A Time (Three plays with a theme of food.)


For questions and to submit your playscript, contact