Theatre Aficionado Membership

For the past 13 years, Atlanta Theatre-To-Go has been delighting senior audiences through our Mainstage dramas, comedies and musicals.

In addition to our Mainstage productions, Atlanta Theatre-To-Go offers "Interactive Theatre," engaging seniors in acting, storytelling, improvisation, playwriting and more.

Supporting the arts for seniors is a worthy cause.  Many seniors, for a variety of reasons, can no longer enjoy going to the theatre.  Together, we bring professional theatre to their stage in senior communities, centers and other places seniors live and gather.

Theatre connects us to our emotions, to the magic of storytelling and it connects our humanity with each other. For seniors, it staves off social isolation, depression and renews their creative thinking, cognitive abilities and positivity that no matter what their age, they can relate to the stage.  They can relate to the story and they can relate to each other.

We invite you to be part of bringing joy to our senior citizens - our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles - by donating $100 or more per year. 

All donations $100 or more include a THEATRE AFICIONADO membership.