The Joy Club

For the past 11 years, Atlanta Theatre-To-Go has been delighting senior audiences through our Mainstage dramas, comedies and musicals.

In addition to our Mainstage productions, Atlanta Theatre-To-Go offers "Interactive Theatre," engaging seniors in acting, storytelling, improvisation, playwriting and more.

Recently, founder Sondra Ilgenfritz was asked, "What does Atlanta Theatre-To-Go do?"

Her response was, "We bring joy."  

We invite you to be part of bringing joy to our senior citizens - our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles - by donating $100 or more per year. 

All donations $100 or more include a membership in the Joy Club!


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Atlanta Theatre-To-Go   300 N Colonial Center Parkway, Suite 100     Roswell, GA 30076